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Bloomin Fresh partnered with Sunnybank Farm 

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Lamb and Hogget Boxes direct to Beaufort

Local, ethical, pasture-raised lamb and hogget boxes delivered to Beaufort!

Our lamb is raised on the foundation of natural and ethical farm practices that focuses on the  wellbeing of the animals and allows them to live as close to their natural behaviours as possible. 

Holistic, rotational grazing allows for our soils and landscape to improve, regenerating soil,  sequestering carbon and building biodiversity. 

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1 Shoulder (Bone-in or Rolled) or 10 BBQ Chops

8 Cutlets or 1 x 8 Point Rack

6 Loin Chops or 1 Backstrap

1 Leg (Full Leg, 2 x Half Leg or Butterflied Leg)

3 Chump Chops or 1 Lamb Rump or Diced Lamb

Sausages or Mince

1 Shank


10 to 15 kg @ $17.00/kg carcass weight 


The same as a lamb box , but larger cuts.

Hoggets are sheep from 12 months to 2 years of age. They are lambs prior to 12 months.

Hogget meat flavour is slightly deeper and a little more pronounced. The colour is just a little darker and slightly more resistant, although still equally as tender as lamb.

Hogget is often the meat of choice for those who know their meat!


14 to 18 kg @ $17.00/kg carcass weight 


Half Lamb Box

Half Hogget Box

Bloomin Fresh Lamb & Hogget Order Form

Fill out the form below to secure your lamb 

Next Estimate delivery date : June 29th 2024 

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*If you are interested in a whole box, fill out the above form twice and note it in the comments or get in touch with us directly*

Thanks for supporting our farm and fresh, local food production!

Order Form


Our lamb and hogget is butchered to order in half and whole boxes with a choice of cuts. 

Price is $17/kg carcass weight, meaning the weight of the lamb prior to butchering and is typically in the range 10-15kg per half  lamb and 14-19kg per half hogget, due to seasonal variation. You can request larger or smaller boxes when ordering and we will  do our best to accommodate your preference subject to availability.  

Total weight of butchered cuts is typically about 70% of the carcass weight. This is dependent on the cuts selected as some bone, fat and other trim is removed.  


All cuts are packaged in cryovac packaging to maintain freshness and improve freezing and defrosting.


You can place your order directly from the form below or contact us and we would be happy to talk you through the process.  

Once your order is placed, we will send you confirmation via email and we will contact you again in the week prior to confirm the delivery date and the final weight and cost of your order. Payment  options are credit card online (link will be sent), EFT (bank transfer) or cash on pick up. 

Have some more questions before you order? Ask us here
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