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Free delivery to across Ballarat Friday 11/11

With our healthy and happy hens laying to excess we are having a once off sale with free delivery across Ballarat on this Friday 11/11 .

You do not have to be at home, you can leave out an esky or we can leave your eggs in a safe, dry and shady place for you when you get home!


What are Pastured Eggs?


Pastured eggs are the next step up from free range eggs. Our eggs are produced in moveable caravans on healthy grass pastures, with solar powered electric netting around them. This allows the hens to go about life displaying their natural behaviours, foraging for grass and bugs, dust bathing and socialising with each other. They are rotated frequently spreading their manure and aerating the soil as they go.  Their feed is premium soy free pellets, which within this system only makes up around 60% of their diet. This is a huge difference to almost all other kinds of eggs, because the frequent rotation maintains quality natural protein in their diet.


Pastured eggs are a bi product of what the hens eat and with a richer, healthier and more diverse diet our eggs are more nutrient dense, harder shelled, brighter in colour, firmer whites and yolks and of course taste better!

Click below to purchase your eggs for Friday!

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