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The Sunnybank Family

James and Jasmine Walton, along with Jasmine's father, Terry, are the driving force behind the daily tasks that bring Sunnybank to life. This farm is a true family affair, deeply rooted in the Walton family's history and love for the land.

James's parents, Wayne and Jenny, also farm the land, following in the footsteps of Wayne's father and James's grandfather. Wayne and Jenny's guidance and support have been crucial to our regenerative journey.

The unwavering support of multiple generations of Waltons, who have all grown up on and cherished this land, makes Sunnybank a thriving and beloved place. We are fortunate to live and work on this land, continuing the legacy and passion of our family.

Meet The Team




Our Begining

Sunnybank Farm is a multi-generational 600-acre farm near Ballarat, owned by the Walton Family. Over the generations the land has produced a wide variety of produce, currently including beef, lamb, wool, oats, wheat and canola.

The world of agriculture is ever-changing, and smaller farms like ours need to think outside the box to survive and remain viable working farms into the future. Embracing regenerative farming practices, which not only sustainably produce food but also improve soil health, has given us the opportunity to farm with a nature-first mentality.

By prioritizing the health of our soil and the environment, we are able to create a more sustainable and resilient farming system. This approach not only benefits the land, but also contributes to the overall health of the ecosystem.

Initially in 2020, our focus was to produce as much of our own food as we can and being able to consistently eat our own fresh eggs, fruit, vegetables, lamb, beef and honey has been a huge success. A large part of our diet is now homegrown. 

On the back of that in 2021, we have started to expand production and connect the local community with naturally grown, quality, ethical produce. This includes our pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed lamb boxes, grass-fed beef packs, fresh honey and chemical-free fruit and vegetables. 


Everything we produce is done so on the foundation of natural and ethical farm practices that focuses on the wellbeing of the animals and that allows them to live as close to their natural behaviours as possible. 

 Maximum life, minimum stress and a fast end is all part of ethical animal management and the best quality and healthiest food for consumption.


These practices not only benefit the animals but allow us to improve our soils, to sequester more carbon and to develop biodiversity into our landscape.  These benefits ultimately increase production per acre and we hope give us the ability to grow and support our family and the generations to come.


Now & Beyond

Presently, across Ballarat and its surrounds, we sell up to 7,000 pasture-raised eggs per week, with 1,300 happy hens strutting their stuff around our pastures each day.

Our custom order, grass-fed lamb boxes are delivered on a bi-monthly basis, with hundreds sold each year. Additionally, grass-fed beef is now available, and over the next 12 months, we will work to provide the same consistency as our lamb boxes.

In the appropriate seasons, a significant portion of our diet is still sourced from our market garden. Surplus produce is shared with our family, friends, neighbors, and local stores and cafes.

Our on-farm beehives have been maxed out at seven, yielding a delectable mixed honey crafted from the diverse pollens within a 3km radius around the farm.

At the core of our values lies a commitment to community engagement and recognizing the essential role education plays in the future of our food system. Jasmine currently serves as the President of the Central Victorian Regenerative Farmer's Inc., a group focused on empowering farmers and landholders towards a regenerative future. Terry is a member of the Ballarat Local Food Coalition, contributing to the local dialogue on food sustainability.

Collectively, the three of us host various schools, groups, and organizations, fostering educational experiences that create a deeper connection with the land and the food they eat.

Open days and increased educational tours are in the works, with current infrastructure upgrades in construction and planning stages.

The future is very bright, with the new fourth member of the team, Lily Grace Walton, born on the 8th of February this year—the next generation of Walton to grow up on the farm and perhaps one day become a future farmer.

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