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Are you interested in our local, pasture raised eggs?

100% pastured eggs, 100% ethically raised

Our beautiful, small flock is laying at a prolific rate. We currently have 1300 healthy ladies scratching and foraging on our fresh pastures.


They are rotated behind our sheep and cattle, spreading manure and eating up all the little bugs left behind.

Livin' the hen dream!


Free-Range Eggs:

In essence, free-range means hens must have ‘meaningful and regular access’ to an outdoor range during daylight hours, and be free to roam and forage outside. Australian law requires egg producers to run a maximum of 10,000 hens per hectare of land in order to be accredited as free-range (the equivalent of one hen per square metre).  


However, in practice, stocking hens at 10,000 per hectare and giving them regular access to the outdoors, might not result in animals that are especially ‘free’.  It is also important to note that free-range operations are often standalone buildings with openings to the same outdoor space. 

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Pastured hens are raised in paddocks and have more than just freedom from confinement, they have the freedom to behave naturally. In Victoria, to get the required permit to run a pastured egg operation, you are required to have a maximum stocking density of 1,500 per hectare.  (the equivalent of one hen per 6.7 square metres)

Along with many other things, you are also required to have mobile housing rotated at least every two weeks.  Providing fresh, new and exciting areas for hens to roam freely, where they exhibit natural behaviour to dust bathe, scratch and forage, and to eat worms, grubs and insects.

Our lovely ladies are currently stocked at a maximum of 1 hen per 32m2.



Do you want to give a chicken a forever home?

Every 6 months we rotate our 18 month old ladies out of production. Unlike most commercial egg producers we made a vow to always find them a home to retire into. Click below to find out more



The Turret Cafe - 802 Sturt St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350

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Hideaway Coffee Bar - 69 Water St, Brown Hill VIC 3350

More at:

Hydrant Food Hall - 3 McKenzie St, Ballarat Central (Alleyway off Armstrong/Doveton Street)

More at:

321 Cafe Learmonth - 321 High Street, Learmonth VIC 3352

More at:

Maggie and Kate Cafe - Unit 4/403 Warrenheip St, Buninyong VIC 3357

More at:

Cornerstone Cafe - 206 South St, Ballarat Central, VIC 3350

More at:

The Green House Ballarat  - 5C/20 Elizabeth St, Delacombe VIC 3356

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Campana's Cellar and Deli -301 Mair St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350

More at:

APCO/ IGA Xpress Alfredton -47-99 Learmonth St, Alfredton VIC 3350

More at:

Bloomin' Fresh Stuff -16 Lawrence St, Beaufort, VIC, Australia, Victoria

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Buninyong Butcher - 405 Warrenheip St, Buninyong VIC 3357

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Ballarat Wholefoods Collective - Barkley Square, Barkly St, Ballarat East VIC 3350

More at:

321 Cafe Learmonth - 321 High Street, Learmonth VIC 3352

More at:

We are on the hunt for another Stockist to join our ranks, feel out the form below if you are interested!

If you are interested in cooking or stocking our eggs, we would love to hear from you!

Thanks for getting in touch! We will get back to you shortly

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