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Give a hen a home!

Our 18-month-old Hyline hens, a commercial egg-laying breed similar to Isa Browns, are now looking for their forever homes. These ladies have spent their lives on pasture, roaming free and foraging all day long. However, as they age, their egg production naturally slows down.

Despite this, they still lay 3-4 eggs a week during the usual laying season and have a few good laying years left in them. Unlike most commercial egg producers, we have pledged to rehome our hens rather than cull them. Being a small operation, we are able to find new homes for our ladies, allowing them to live out their lives as they deserve.


  • Price: $5 each

  • Pick-up Time: Dusk (when they are tucking themselves in for bed, as they are sleepy and relaxed, making handling and transport easier)

  • Payment: Cash or card, no minimum order

  • Bring your own boxes or crates (air holes are a must)

Given the popularity of our previous rehoming nights, we always sell out quickly. If you're interested, please fill out the form to put a hold on your chickens.


Minimum requirements when adopting a chicken

  1. Chickens should never be alone, they are social animals and need at least one other chicken companion.

  2. Adequate food, water and shelter. Chickens are very susceptible to hot weather and must have shade and water available at all times. They also need to be locked up securely at night, as foxes, cats, and dogs will seek out your new family members.

  3. Chickens need somewhere to roost and lay. Providing perches for your hens discourages them from sleeping in your nesting boxes and is their preferred way to sleep.


Additional Recommendations

  1. Chickens enforce a strong social hierarchy, if you are introducing new chickens we highly recommended that you separate them initially. This works best when they can see each other and size each other up over a 24 hour period.

    This could be as simple as putting some temporary chicken mesh up in a section of your coop and leaving some water and food for your new additions. With or without an initial separation, you are likely to still see a brief robust interaction as they fight for their socials standings. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about unless it is ongoing and causing injury (you will know the difference!)

  2. Making shell grit available and regularly including Apple Cider Vinegar in their water, is a great way to keep your ladies healthy and laying longer.


If you live in the control area, or you have visited within the control area  where any poultry is present within the past week

By doing so you risk the lives of our beautiful flock and our livelihoods. If there is any chance, please do not attend.

There will be bio security procedures in place that will slow the rehoming process down a little, but it is necessary to protect our flock

Thank you for your patience and understanding, click the button below to see the current control and restricted areas. 



Next pick up date is Friday 12th July - between 5:30pm -7:30pm

Due to the current Avian Flu crisis we have additional biosecurity measures in place.

In order to reduce potential wait times, we will be allocating customers a 15 minute windows to avoid "traffic jams" and hold ups. Things will take a little longer than previously.

Your allocated time and additional information will be sent to you via text message a day or two before pick up. It will be within 5:30-7:30pm on the 12th July.

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