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Sunnybank Farm
Grass-Fed Beef 

Local, ethical, regenerative, grass-fed beef packs delivered to you. 

 Pairing with Barry from The Buninyong Butcher to bring you expertly cut and cryovac packaged, quality meat straight off the farm and delivered fresh to your doorstep. 


Our beef is raised on the foundation of natural and ethical farm practices that focus on the  wellbeing of the animals and allows them to live as close to their natural behaviours as possible. 

Holistic, rotational grazing allows for our soils and landscape to improve, regenerating soil,  sequestering carbon and building biodiversity. 


Each pack will include an assorted selection of cuts:

1kg Prime Cuts -Scotch Fillet, Porterhouse, Rump & T-Bone, etc.

1kg Secondary Cuts -Short Ribs, Minute Steaks, Y-Bone Steak, etc.

1kg Roasts -Topside, Blade, etc.

2x 500g Mince


1x 500g Diced

1 x 500g Sausages


$27 per kg


2kg Prime Cuts  -Scotch Fillet, Porterhouse, Rump & T-Bone, etc.

2kg Secondary Cuts -Short Ribs, Minute Steaks, Y-Bone Steak, etc.

2kg Roasts -Topside, Blade, etc.

3x 500g Mince


2x 500g Diced

3x 500g Sausages


$26.5 per kg


5kg Pack

10kg Pack

*Coming Soon*


Beef Order Form

Fill out the form below to secure your beef - very limited available!

Next delivery dates: June 27-29th  2024 - Farm pick up June 29th  

Select 1 item from each option below:

Optional extras:

Order a 1/2 or whole lamb or hogget box with your Beef and get 10% off your entire order

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Butcher Barry's Sunnybank Extras:

How would you prefer to recieve your pack?

*Please note for delivery we require someone to be home for a designated 1hr window. You will be contacted in the weeks prior with proposed day and time. 

Thanks for supporting our farm and fresh, local, regenerative food production!
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Order Form


Our Beef is locally butchered into assorted beef packs.  Due to their size, a cow doesn't butcher into an even number of cuts. For example a single animal might produce 27 porterhouse steaks, but only 14 T-bone steaks. To combat this and avoid waste, we guarantee you will receive a certain amount from each given category. These categories are prime cuts, secondary cuts, roasts, mince, diced beef and sausages. 

 All cuts (except for sausages) are packaged in cryovac packaging to maintain freshness and improve freezing and defrosting.


You can place your order directly from the form below or contact us and we would be happy to talk you through the process.  

In order to be able to offer fresh and not frozen meat, we deliver and arrange pick up on specific days. You have the option to pick up from the farm, The Buninyong Butcher or free delivery to your door. If delivery is preferred, we will arrange a 1 hour window with you directly for delivery and require someone to be home at this time. If this time doesn't work for you, we can attempt to arrange an alternative time or organise a pick up location.

Payment options are EFT (bank transfer) or cash and card on pick up or delivery. 

We deliver from Ballarat to West Melbourne. Farm visits can also be arranged by appointment so you can see how we raise and care for our  animals. 

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